Website Hosting and Email Hosting

Website Hosting

A) Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress websites should be hosted on Managed WordPress Hosting providers for better security and performance of your website. They then manage:

  • daily backups with restore from backup option
  • daily malware scanning
  • WordPress core updates

Our two preferred Managed WordPress Hosting providers for WordPress websites are Flywheel and Pressidium. We can provide you with hosting (via Tiong Creative) or you can go directly to organise hosting with your chosen company. 

We also recommend Maintenance Blocks or Care Plan Support Packages for your website.

B) Other Hosting

For non WordPress websites, or if you are unable to afford Managed WordPress Hosting, then we can discuss alternative hosting options from our other providers, or suggest some hosting companies that we have found provide good value in reliability and support. 

Email Hosting

A) Dedicated Email Hosting

To use email for your business domain name (rather than a generic or address) you can setup email hosting. For better deliverability and management of your email, it is recommended to use a dedicated email hosting service. Some providers of this service include:

We recommend you review the above links and do your research before choosing a suitable email hosting provider. If you are our client, then we are happy to offer you support in this area.

B) Bundled Email Hosting

It is possible to include email hosting inside your website hosting service, for eg when you have a cPanel hosting account. Though this is not ideal, it can be a cheaper option if you are not using Managed WordPress Hosting.

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