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So you've launched your new amazing and slick website, and after the last few months of planning and development, you're now ready for an endless flow of new customers and clients. So why is it so quiet?

Well unless you have a big budget for advertising spend to drive traffic to your website, or thousands of subscribers on your email list, then it's not quite that easy because it will take time for people to know that your business exists. There are millions of active websites, and that means a lot of indexing for search engines such as Google to keep up with. It will take time before you appear in search results.

The first few months after launch of a new website are very important. You have an opportunity to develop a content creation strategy to communicate consistently with your customers. By working with Tiong Creative we will guide you in crafting a clear and consistent message through regular updating of your website with fresh and informative digital content, which is a key area to growing and maintaining your online presence.

We offer 3 base packages as outlined in the table below, as well as customised packages for your business needs and budget. If you are looking to grow your online presence through your website then we encourage you to review these options and then contact our support team to discuss further how we can tailor your solution.


Question: What does the 'Content Creation' package provide? 
Answer: This package is for website owners who are comfortable publishing their own blog posts, but need help coming up with blog ideas, the text content and featured images. Tiong Creative can work with your ideas and content, or provide our ideas and content for creating blog post content. Each month we will provide text copy content for 15 blog posts (max 350 words per blog), 15 featured images (resized and optimised for your blog post), and 5 additional graphic banners (these can be used for blogs, other web pages, social media, emails, etc).

Question: What does the 'Content Strategy' package provide? 
Answer: In addition to the inclusions of the 'Content Creation' package, we provide support for creating an overall strategy for the month. This includes ideas for how to add more internal linking, how to increase external backlinks, tips for Google posts, content for up to 2 email newsletters and content for 1 landing page. Note that this is the supply of content and ideas, but does not include creating actual email newsletters and landing page. 

Question: What does the 'Content Management' package provide? 
Answer: This is the full service package. You receive the inclusions of the other 2 packages, and we also implement it all for you each month. This is a Content and Strategy Implementation and we include 10 additional hours to ensure we have time to make this service work best for your business. We also give you one bonus Social Media Audit (worth $500) to review your current social media strategy and provide some ideas for improving this.
Note: This service only applies to WordPress websites that we have worked on before, or have created for you. For email marketing newsletters, we work with Mailerlite or Mailchimp, but may be able to assist with other platforms if you do not use either of these.

Question: Can I purchase one month only, or should I buy several months at a time?
Answer: For the Content Creation or Content Strategy packages, then you can purchase one month at a time, though we recommend purchasing at 2-3 months at a time, to give you a good amount of content for you to implement. If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website by increasing the amount of published content, then the full Content Management package purchased 3, 6 or 12 months at a time is the best option. This allows for working on your overall content marketing strategy more effectively, over a period of time.

Question: Can I 'swap' blog posts for standard web pages, such as to have new pages like 'About' pages or 'Service' pages added instead?
Answer: Although this is not what these packages are intended for, we are happy to discuss this with you.

Question: How many words will each blog post content be supplied?
Answer: The maximum words included is 350 per blog post. If you would like a longer blog post, then you can use up 2 blog posts to create 1 longer post.

Question: Can I use the package on more than one website?
Answer: No, the package is per website only. However we are happy to discuss options for a bulk deal for more than one website.

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